Transcend Unveils New Series of DDR5 DRAM Modules Running at 5600MT/s for Advanced Industrial Applications


Transcend Information (Transcend®), a prominent leader in the production of embedded memory products, is excited to announce the launch of an all new series of industrial-grade DDR5 5600 DRAM modules. Compliant with JEDEC standards, these DDR5 5600 modules offer important features, such as low power consumption, high speeds, low latency, and incredible durability, helping to unlock the full potential of a myriad of contemporary data centers, AI servers, network and communications, and other high-end applications.


Developed using major-grade DRAM chips, Transcend's new DDR5 DRAM modules demonstrate an incredible speed of up to 5600 MT/s. The two independent 32-bit channels significantly increase bandwidth, giving users improved memory access efficiency and reduced loading times. DDR5's standout feature is its low 1.1V working voltage, significantly minimizing overall power wastage. Moreover, these modules are further enhanced by the on-board power management IC (PMIC) that adeptly regulates power distribution, consequently enhancing energy conversion and improving overall energy efficiency.


Transcend's DDR5 modules are integrated with the on-die ECC mechanism, which can identify and rectify bit errors to effectively enhance data integrity. In terms of reliability, the 30μ" gold finger PCBs and anti-sulfur resistors are implemented to further optimize module stability and reliability. Additionally, Standard Temperature (0°C~95°C) and Wide Temperature (-40°C~95°C) models are available to withstand extreme temperatures and frequent thermal fluctuations, helping businesses to operate sustainably even in the harshest environment.


Transcend's lineup of industrial-grade DDR5 5600 DRAM modules include Unbuffered Long-DIMMs and SO-DIMMs, ECC Long-DIMMs and SO-DIMMs, as well as Registered Long-DIMMs, all ultimately compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices. With years of experience in research and development and rigorous in-house reliability tests, Transcend is proud to support businesses sustainably in an era driven predominantly by AI.


Transcend's DDR5 5600 DRAM modules are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, manufactured in Taiwan under strict quality control, ensuring product excellence.

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